My Grandfather [photo, video]

This is my grandfather, Abe Thomy, pictured in the 1950’s.

Grandaddy Abe

He has lived an interesting life;  he is a world-class photographer and quite the character and was recently featured in an article in The State, South Carolina’s state newspaper.

Abe Thomy – A life Behind the Camera from Gerry Melendez on Vimeo.

from The State article:

Abe Thomy, 88, son of immigrant Lebanese parents, grew up in Lake City South Carolina. At age 14 he was introduced to the world of photography which became his life long passion. Thomy served in World War II as a photographer and has been nationally recognized for his photographs of literary figures, society and political leaders, television and film stars and internationally known personalities. In 1996 he was honored by the South Carolina General Assembly for his more than half-century career and service. “Photography has been my passion ever since I saw that first print come up in the developer,” he said. “It’s amazing, I found my dream at 14.” Thomy, who resides in Sumter, continues his work to this day. “My theory is to live every day like it’s your last day and learn like you’ll live forever.”


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