Petey the Puppy! [dogs]

A week ago today, little Petey came into my life. My brother was unable to care for her, so I took her. She is very intelligent and has a very sweet, easy-going disposition. We aren’t entirely sure what breed she is, but we think a Pit Bull/Labrador mix. No matter what she is, I’m already in love!


I didn’t go into 2012 knowing I would be adopting a puppy, but my life is all the happier and better for it. She’s snoring on the bed behind me as I type this.

Sleepy Snoring Puppy from charlie warhol on Vimeo.

Sweet Face

Petey had her first skateboard ride today, and she was a total natural! Photos/video to come.


2 thoughts on “Petey the Puppy! [dogs]

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