First Beach Trip [photos]

I took my first trip to the beach of the year today; I couldn’t have picked a better day to go skimboarding! The conditions were absolutely perfect for the several hours I was there. The tide was low when I first got there so there were lots of nice, long runs, but then a couple hours later the tides starting changing and the surfers started showing up. I had a great session and not only pulled my first 360, but I pulled off my first 540 as well!
Zap SkimboardSurfer Dude  I’ve avoided the beach in many summers past for various reasons, but this year I want to try to get to the beach as much as my schedule and gas tank permit. I’ve been trying to watch how much I use my car because gas prices are so horrible. I’ve been skating as much as possible, running errands that are within a several-mile vicinity of our house on the board. It’s great exercise, it saves money, and it’s a great break from all the work I do on the computer and being inside.
Great scene at the beach today. Not too crowded, but not totally desolate either. There were couples walking, people running, people with metal detectors, children on boogie boards, groups of college students playing football and frisbee, and eventually surfers, but I was the lone skimboarder of the day.

Bird This little seagull looked right at me so I tried to snap a photo of him.

Wavy Building

This is the cool wavy building behind him.


Kiss of the Skimboard

They call it the “kiss of the skimboard” in these parts!

Good Session

All grins after a great skim session. The conditions were perfect!


Philosophizing about life. Or checking out the women playing volleyball next to me.

Despite being sore all over for skimming for several hours straight this afternoon, my trip to the beach today was awesome and I can’t wait to go back this weekend!


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