Friday Afternoon at the Beach [photos]

Last Friday in the late afternoon, a friend and I headed out to Jacksonville Beach to do some skimboarding. The beach was perfect – not too crowded, too windy, nor too hot.

The conditions were perfect for skimming and I got some nice runs in before the threatening storm forced us to leave. I love thunderstorms and was stoked to experience the first one of the season this early in the year, but the beach is definitely a place I do not want to be when lightening strikes!

I’ve really been enjoying skimming and being in the sun and the sense of peace the ocean brings. I can see myself turning into a card-carrying beach bum by the end of the summer. The culture at the beach is so laid back; everyone bikes and skates everywhere and when I am there I feel like I am more at home in California, and that makes me feel good. There are not many instances when I am here in Florida that I feel that warm, happy, relaxed, peaceful feeling that I get when I am in San Francisco.

I finally found my red board! It is made out of foam and much easier to do tricks on than the Zap board.

The Zap board is nice to have around for a friend or to keep as a spare.

Photos by Darrin M.

More beach photos here!


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