Strawberry Cupcakes, Again!

Earlier this week I baked strawberry cupcakes. I made them for the first time a couple months ago (my baking obsession is a new-found thing!) and they turned out pretty well, but this time I wanted to add a little something to make them even more delicious.

Strawberry Cupcakes
I didn’t have any chocolate morsels or sprinkles or fancy icing to garnish them with, but as I was rummaging through my fridge I noticed we had some strawberries that were about to go bad. I decided to slice them up and cover them in powdered sugar to top the cupcakes off with.

Glazed Strawberries

The freshly-glazed strawberries were just what the cupcakes needed to give them a little more pizazz!

Baking Strawberry Cupcakes

I also baked some mini’s this time! The only bad thing about miniature cupcakes is that you can easily eat more than you intended!


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