Afternoon at Memorial Park

Yesterday I spent a pleasant, sunny afternoon at Memorial Park. Memorial Park is one of the most popular urban parks in Jacksonville; located in the Riverside district, it was dedicated on Christmas Day 1924 to honor the 1,200 Floridians who perished in WWI.

Life Sculpture
The sculpture in the park: “Life.” This nude figure caused quite a controversy among the locals when it was made back in 1924!

LIFE Sculpture Plaque The plaque for aforementioned sculpture by Charles Adrian Pillars, 1924.

Memorial Park I couldn’t have picked a more pleasant day to go. I went skating, read a book under a tree, and snapped a few photos, of course!

BobI took Bob out for a spin even though he is in need of a little TLC (mostly griptape!).

Untitled The park has these nice paths which were fun to skate, plus they end at the river, providing a beautiful view in addition to the smooth skate.

Untitled Yours truly, pictured with Bob and sculpture.


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