New Bike

I got this bike earlier this week.
New Ride
I have been wanting to get a fixed-gear for awhile and have been checking out a lot of bikes online and checking out different bike stores in the area and it seems I’d have to spend somewhere around $400 for a decent fixie, which is ridiculous because the whole point of riding fixied-gear is the sheer minimalism of it.

Of course there are lower priced options in the $300-ish range, but a number of bicycle shop employees told me the components were not nearly as nice as the $400 bikes. They could be trying to upsell me, but after doing my own research I’d have to agree.
I also really like DIY projects and the idea of building my own bike, but since I have no experience whatsoever in building bikes I decided I should get a less expensive bike and then slowly replace the parts as I learn about the mechanics of a bicycle and actually learn to ride fixed gear before dropping $400+ on a bike right now.

I have been reading a lot of blogs about modifying and building bikes, and I felt confident enough to make a few modifications of my own this weekend; more about that in a later post!


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