Petey’s First Day at the Beach

I took Petey to the beach for the first time this morning. She really liked playing in the sand, and the infinite smells and sights to be seen definitely intrigued her, but she wasn’t as keen on the water.Petey's First Beach Day
Since we got there at 7:30am, I expected to see a few dog walkers and the usual early morning walkers and yogis at their regular routine, but there were far more people there than I had expected.

There were more dog walkers out than any other party, so naturally Petey was going nuts. She did very well for her first time, and was only a little afraid of the water. In time I will have her surfing with me!

It is now just before 7:30pm as I type this, and it is raining heavily outside; it doesn’t look good for fireworks!


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