Deci: Make Decisions. With Friends.

I wanted break my blogging hiatus this Friday the 13th not with cute pictures of my puppy or the delicious treats I have been baking  to announce a new venture, I have been working on with some friends. It is a startup based out of Oakland, California and it is a (free!) smartphone app that aims to make the social decision-making process less of a headache; I’m the social media/PR guy.

Let’s face it: making plans with friends and family for drinks/birthdays/reunions can get quite tedious and even just deciding on a venue can cause quite the headache! Even with the modern graces of technology and help of social networks like Facebook and Twitter, coordinating plans with others can be difficult – 0ne person doesn’t like this bar, that bar doesn’t stock enough local beers, one of your buds doesn’t eat meat and is only available every other Friday – you get the idea. Coordinating plans with friends and family can be a pain in the neck.

 This is where Deci can help! Deci is a new, innovative, easy-to-use app that helps planning events with friends more convenient – and even fun. Simply enter an event, like “baseball game” or “drinks & appetizers,” select the date, time, and friends you want to invite from your Facebook friends list, and sit back and let the magic happen.

Friends will be able to vote on a particular choice on a colorful gameboard until a unanimous vote is reached, and there is also a cool chat feature you can use to toss ideas back and forth.

Here are the founders of Deci, Nick Resnick and Sam Pasarow, with a quick demonstration on how Deci works:

Deci is a free app and is availabe for both iPhone and android devices at iTunes and Google Play.

We are constantly developing new features for Deci and sincerely hope you enjoy this app – and most of all that it makes coordinating with friends easier, more fun, and hassle-free!

Connect with Deci:





If you download the app, please rate it in Google Play and iTunes!  We are always looking to improve the app and welcome any feedback you may have


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